Providing Essential Jet Solutions
Full-service portfolio management
As a key part of their team, we save business jet operators time and money, in the air and on the ground
Our solutions are positively unique.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end service portfolio management identifying time and cost efficiencies whilst delivering increased profitability.

We can support your flight-related and recurring service requirements, optimizing the purchase and management of key services such as fuel, ground handling, catering, maintenance, crew training and much more, through:

Detailed analysis - Understanding your specific requirements.

Procurement - Our expertise, vendor network, and purchasing reach secure the very best value for money.

Compliance - Effective invoice review and dispute procedures minimize overspend.

Reporting - Identify opportunities to grow future profitability.

Fuel and Airport Service solutions are our speciality.

EJS In Numbers

Rolling 12 months


Nº Aircraft Managed





Gallons purchased

Fuel Rebate Reclaimed


Exempted and Reclaimed

Handling $ Saved


Fuel Programme

The EJS Lifecycle adds time and cost savings every step of the way

Now we understand your needs.

EJS secures the best value for your top locations.

Nº2 Tendering & Contracting

Nº2 Tendering & Contracting

Optimizing the best value for every uplift using a combination of detailed and proven metrics.

Nº3 Flight by Flight Management

Nº3 Flight by Flight Management

Our customized dashboards deliver a detailed overview to suit your specific business reporting needs.

Nº8 Report Analysis

Nº8 Report Analysis

For companies that want to pursue a revenue-oriented strategy, EJS negotiates and oversees compliance of tailored rebate incentive programmes.

Nº7 Rebate Programme

Nº7 Rebate Programme

Forensic line by line investigation to identify, dispute and rectify  discrepancies to reduce unnecessary overpayments.

Nº 5 Invoice Validation & Approval

Nº 5 Invoice Validation & Approval

Our unrivaled expertise and direct contact with tax authorities globally maximizes your reclaim opportunities.

Nº6 Tax and Duty Reclaim

Nº6 Tax and Duty Reclaim

Nº1 Analysis of Fuel Requirements

Nº1 Analysis of Fuel Requirements


Understanding your company needs and operational SOP's by listening to you and analysing your historic flight and service purchasing trends.

Reducing operational challenges through a comprehensive fuel ordering process.

Nº4 Peace of Mind

Nº4 Peace of Mind


Ground Handling Solution

5 steps that secure your quality & cost-effective ground handling

Nº5 Reporting

Bespoke dashboards that meet your individual reporting needs.

Nº4 Invoice Validation & Approval

Forensic review, dispute and approval of key line items to eliminate overcharging.

 Nº3 Secure additional value

Identifying all available savings on other core services.

Nº2 Negotiate best handling rates

Delivering the most competitive base handling offers.

Nº1 Selection of quality partners

Working only from a panel of premium service providers.


Use the map below to discover the 300+ ground handling partners that make up our current handling network.


Meet some of our team

Our team is here to help, with over 90 years of combined experience in supporting many industry-leading business jet operators.

Steve Fry

Founder & Managing Partner

Jitte Boutens

Ground Handling 


Steve Woods

Innovation &



Cecilie Oyas

Business Development Manager

Julian Heinz




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